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Empowering Entrepreneurs

Private Equity & Search Fund Investors


AIJ Global Holdings (formerly known as AI Global) is an international investment group with interests in multiple asset classes, including search funds, private equity (growth capital/equity), real estate, and late-stage ventures around the globe.

The firm brings value by working closely with its partners throughout all of the phases of any venture or investment. In each stage, our company leverages its international network of experts and collaborators. We are one of the most active, global, serial Search Fund investors outside the U.S., with a presence in six of the seven continents.

AIJ Global is constantly developing new partnerships to provide more industry/sector experience and support for each of its different initiatives.

We partner with talented entrepreneurs and work with them to reach their full potential



Search Funds are the alternative to a start-up for entrepreneurial MBAs and experienced professionals with relevant management experience. We support entrepreneurs looking to find, invest, operate, and accelerate the growth of significant, lasting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Since early 2017, we have invested in multiple Search Funds worldwide. AIJ Global is one of the most active international Search Fund investors outside the United States.

Our active operating companies are the following:

Cohort 2017

Infonetica (United Kingdom) managed by RJ Capital Partners

Lanaccess (Spain | España) managed by Sachem Partners

Orotig (Italy | Italia) managed by Tre Cime Capital

Renovation Bern (Switzerland | Schweiz | Suisse | Svizzera) managed by Koru Nachfolge

Vozitel (Spain | España) managed by Syna Capital

Cohort 2018

NortConsulting (Spain | España) managed by BOGO Inversión

IML (Spain | España) managed by Arista Partners

IPM (Mexico | México) managed by Gueca Capital 

Plásticos Arias (Spain | España) managed by Vigía Capital

Stoque (Brazil | Brasil) managed by Kinase Investments

Cohort 2019

Cinergia (Spain | España) managed by Sotavento Capital

Kapalua (Spain | España) managed by Navega Capital

Cohort 2020

Agger Sistemas (Brazil | Brasil) managed by Arco Capital

CarPro Systems (Europe | Europa) managed by Ibérica Partners

Falcon Security Hub (Ivory Coast | Côte d'Ivoire) managed by Africa Search Capital

Moneta Technologies (Mexico | México) managed by Kala Capital

MotionVFX (Poland | Polska) managed by Nextline

SDEC France (France) managed by SDG Transmission

Cohort 2021

Destroy Drive (United States) managed by Founder Legacy Partners

ProAgro Asesoría Agronómica (Paraguay | Paraguai) managed by Bridge Search Capital

UDP Automotive managed by Milestone Capital

LH Training (Israel | יִשְׂרָאֵל‎) managed by Oasis Capital Israel

Cohort 2022

Austral Herbs (Australia) managed by Greenstorm Capital

Hudson Dental Partners (United States) managed by Hudson Yards Capital

Our active Search Funds are the following:

Cohort 2020

302 Capital Partners (Canada)

Dymond Capital (United Kingdom)

KCP Search Fund (Poland | Polska)

Sillage Transmission (France)

Single Trail Capital (Australia)

SMGO Capital & Management (Czechia & Slovakia | Česko & Slovensko)

Wahlers & Kabanov Unternehmensfortführung (Germany | Deutschland)

Cohort 2021

Bay Street Capital (Canada)

Bitácora Capital Partners (Spain | España)

Bravo Capital Partners (Mexico | México)

Everest Capital (United Kingdom)

Giza Capital Partners (Egypt | مِصر‎)

Grit Capital (Brazil | Brasil)

Hive Capital (United States)

Imagine+ Inversión (Spain | España)

Kaoba Capital (Colombia)

Linden Equity Partners (Mexico)

Nalim Capital Partners (Brazil | Brasil)

Pontem Capital (Spain | España)

Smokestack (Czechia & Slovakia | Česko & Slovensko)

Viriato Capital (Spain & Portugal | España & Portugal)

Vitta Capital (Brazil | Brasil)

Cohort 2022

Agripina Capital (Spain | España)

ARETÊ, Management & Capital Partners (Spain | España)

Cosworth Capital (South Africa | iNingizimu Afrika | Suid-Afrika)

Freda Capital (Canada)

Lotta Capital (Brazil | Brasil)

LT Partners (Vietnam | Việt Nam)

M-Capital (Japan | 日本国)

Oumua Capital (Brazil | Brasil)

Relais du Dirigeant (France)

Resilient Search Partners (Australia)

Silverbaton Capital (United Kingdom)

Ulam Transmission (France)

Cohort 2023

Cornisa Capital (Chile)

Changebridge Growth Partners (USA)

Hargrave Succession Partners (UK)

KG Capital (Spain | España)

Kinesis Growth Partners (USA)

Memphis Capital (Egypt | مِصر‎)

Nogal Capital (Mexico | México)

Origo Capital (Australia)

Rigi Capital (Spain | España)

SCL Transmission (France)

Threadleaf Capital (Canada)

Our past Search Funds are the following:

Cohort 2017

Infini Capital Partners (Colombia)

Koru Nachfolge (DACH)

RJ Capital Partners (United Kingdom)

Sachem Partners (Spain | España)

Syna Capital (Spain | España)

Tre Cime Capital (Italy | Italia)

Cohort 2018

Albatros Equity (Spain | España)

Arista Partners (Spain | España)

BOGO Inversión (Spain | España)

Light Wave Capital (Brazil | Brasil)

Quantico Capital Partners (Argentina & Uruguay)

Vigía Capital (Spain | España)

Cohort 2019

Ayerma Transmission (France)

Fritz & Sehr Mittelstandsnachfolge (Germany | Deutschland)

Navega Capital (Spain | España)

JBS Partners (Japan | 日本国)

Signatus Capital (Spain | España)

Sotavento Capital (Spain | España)

Vira Capital (Peru | Perú)​

Cohort 2020

Africa Search Capital (West Africa | Afrique de l'Ouest)

Arco Capital (Brazil | Brasil)

Emptio Capital (Spain | España)

Galanthus Partners (United Kingdom)

Ibérica Partners (Spain | España)

Saga Capital (Mexico | México)

SDG Transmission (France)

Somontano Capital (Spain | España)

Stability Capital (Poland | Polska)

Zen Capital Partners (Canada)

Cohort 2021

Atlas Mittelstandsnachfolge (Germany | Deutschland)

Bopp & Hahn Mittelstandspartner (Germany | Deutschland)

Bridge Search Capital (Paraguay & Brazil | Paraguai & Brasil)

Ducato Capital (Brazil | Brasil)

Founder Legacy Partners (United States)

Hudson Yards Capital (United States)

KSIP - Korea Search Investment Partners (South Korea | 대한민국)

Lionfield Capital (United States)

Milestone Capital (Russia | Россия)

Oasis Capital Israel (Israel | יִשְׂרָאֵל‎)

Quercus Transmission (France)

Springbrook Partners (United States)

Steadfast Horizon (USA)

West 88 Partners (Canada)

Cohort 2022

Arcadio Investments (Spain | España)

Greenstorm Capital (Australia)

Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (ETA) Programmes

Apart from partnering with entrepreneurs that choose the traditional search fund path, we have also worked together with a group of selected entrepreneurs from the following ETA programs:

SMEVentures (APAC)

Contact: Jake Nicholson (e-mail:

Past AIJ Global-backed entrepreneurs

Rob Gaunt (Australia)


Contact: Christian Malek (e-mail:

Past AIJ Global-backed entrepreneurs

Erick Azen (Germany | Deutschland)

Mike Hindi (Switzerland | Suisse | Schweiz | Svizzera)

Rania Missoumi (USA)

Viktor Dimitrov (Hungary | Magyarország)


Research Centres & Faculty

Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)

Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES)

IESE Business School

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC)

Yale School of Management (SOM)

A.J. Wasserstein - Bio Page

Harvard Business School (HBS)

Rock Center for Entrepreneurship

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Recommended Readings

Stanford CES, Search Fund Primer

Stanford CES, Search Fund Study: Selected Observations

IESE EIC, International Search Funds: Selected Observations

Prof. Jan Simon (IESE), Search Funds & Entrepreneurial Acquisitions

Harvard Business Review, Why You Should Buy a Business (and How to Do It)


We are interested to hear (growth capital/equity) opportunities that meet the following criteria:

  • Lower middle market and microcap companies with untapped potential

  • EBITDA Margin greater than 10%

  • Companies with strong market positions or franchise value that we can help reach their full potential via organic growth, acquisitions, and operational improvement

  • Current shareholders/owners willing to sell a majority stake

  • Any sector and geography


We also invest in selected opportunities in commercial real estate projects/sites, late-stage ventures as well as growth capital and fund of funds (FOF).

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